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Agent Electric

How we started


Working in the Solar Industry for years we have learned of many missing pieces in the solar industry.  The contractors are great, the homeowners/ business owners are realizing the need, States across USA are mandating full energy consumption to come from renewable energy.  Though contractors are being squeezed out of profit because they don't have the team they need to arbitrage and find the best deals for material. Agent Electric is the solution. We are a team of highly trained arbitrage specialist ; we know how to get you the best deals on ALL renewable energy products.

Why Agent Electric?


We are focused on providing the absolutely best in class service at the best price. We value clear communication, prompt service, one-on-one communication between our arbitrage agents and you. We know the importance of having your material arrive early mornings. We ave been in this business and are focused on increasing your profits and improving our business model to best serve you. 


“Kutrell and his Team has helped us grow our business from 3 installs per month to over 2 installs per day.”


“Agent Electric has the inside scoop and has helped to get me the right people in my business to grow through the roof.”


“We are so thankful to find Agent Electric, they have been the most professional team and has made me second think what a distribution company should be."